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Stone continues to be the building material of choice. Since the dawn of time humans have used stone to build rudimentary shelters and places of worship. Used correctly, stone brings a person more in tune with individual part of nature, creates a feeling of timelessness, and becomes a major focal point of the garden. Stone is a great choice for a plant enthusiasts garden.  If you live in a wooded area and are looking for something to set your house apart from the landscape a stone terrace where the trees can be enjoyed, linked with curving flagstone steps leading past boulder outcrops, a pond, and gardens is a perfect option.
Whatever your mixture of flagstones and boulders be careful to match their colors.

Compared with other hardscaping components, paving elements are among the first to be noticed, and it seems sensible to match the design and flow of a persons house. For example, if you own a Craftsman-fashioned home, you would probably want to choose an irregular pattern of square and rectangular shaped flagstones laid in sand. A Georgia style home requires a more formal rectilinear style stone shape and pattern. You may choose to have the stone resemble the native stone of the area. If you decide on stone that is non-native to the area you may still wish to keep with the stone character and coloration to make it seem as though the stones belong.  Each stone should also expresses to its purpose. If you choose a flagstone for a path ensure it is smooth, broad, and flat, a characteristic that states walking surface. Choose boulders that are rounded but generally cracked in order to ensure a flow with the organic environment no matter the area.

Whatever you choose stone is a great option that ensures you will enjoy it for years to come due to its durable nature.

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